Thursday, July 1, 2010

President Letter 01 - Stephen Lin

Stephen Lin

RC Kingspark President's Message

Dear Kingsparicans and Friends,

I hope you like the bus ride to Joyous Service.  Reading the book “better together – What on earth are we here for,” I have borrowed the words and ideas of the author Rick Warren in this letter.  We fellowship better together.  Real fellowship takes us beyond just socializing and dining together and into deeper levels of serving together and even sometimes going through tough times together.  A Rotarian friend once told me: When his father, also a fellow Rotarian, was retired and getting old, it was his Rotarian friends who stuck with him all through the years.

We serve better together.  Kingsparicans are the heroes of Kingspark.  We can compensate for each other’s weaknesses, we are more efficient, we multiply our effectiveness, we can move mountains and we can support each other when we are tired or discouraged.  I shared with my board members exactly that experience.  I am so grateful to my board members and committee chairs for being just the way you are. Together our positive energy flows. Someone once pointed out that snowflakes are frail, but when enough of them stick together, they can stop traffic.  Similarly, you and I may feel like we can’t make much of a difference as individuals.  Together in Kingspark that is committed to Joyous Service – we can make a difference in our community and our world.

Best in Rotary,

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