Sunday, August 1, 2010

President Letter 02 - Stephen Lin

Stephen Lin

RC Kingspark President's Message

You are about to step onto the Kingspark bus which will be going through the township called Joyous Service. If you are prepared to have fun and joy in Fellowship and Service, you have come on the right bus! In preparation for this bus trip, we just flew back from Taiwan after completing our International Service project with our sister clubs from Taipei and Bangkok. Has everyone buckled up? We are ready to go!
The first stop is Kingspark Camp: Vocation Service called “Glass shoes” in a Dongguan shoe factory; followed by a Community Service project called “Little Bag” in a Guangdong Children’s Home; and Club Service called “Jump or Die” in a Qing Yuan Water Park.. And after all this, you can relax in a 5-star hotel with a gigantic swimming pool. The most important are not the exciting places, but rather the care and interaction of the people within these Service projects. The next stop is the Vocational Speaker Hall of Fame where Hong Kong artist Ms. Jade Kwan gives a heartfelt sharing about her life story. You see lots of young men and women asking questions about her positive energy. Coming to our final stop today is the Elderly Homes in the Western District where we will enjoy a morning playing games with and performing for a group of elderly men and women. More to come in our next ride…
For those of you are looking for joyous service, Welcome to Kingspark.
August 1, 2010

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